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championship pedigree english cream golden retrievers


About the Breed

The term English Cream refers to Golden Retrievers that happen to be cream colored and commonly are descended from various European countries, Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia.  The AKC does not recognize English Cream Goldens as a separate breed.  They are registered as Golden Retrievers with a "light" coat.

English Cream Goldens are a little shorter and heavier that American Goldens.  Their heads are blockier and their ears are set slightly lower.  The English Cream coats are not quite as long and are commonly a little wavier than the coat of the American Golden.

The health and life expectancy of the English Cream Golden is a factor for many when choosing between the English Cream and the American Golden.  English Cream Goldens live an average of two years longer than American Goldens.  Research has shown that 61.8 percent of American Goldens die from cancer, making it the biggest killer of the breed.  In contrast, research has shown that 38.8 percent of English Cream Retrievers die from cancer.  This statistic may play a role in the English Cream puppy commonly being more expensive.  You will likely have him or her with you longer, and you are less likely to spend a lot of money treating your beloved pet for cancer.

Golden Retrievers are gentle, loving and devoted.  They are great with children and with other dogs.  They love people and want to be with you always.  Goldens need exercise and should be walked regularly.  They love playing, taking walks, and swimming.  They are easily trained, especially if training is started early.  They are very energetic and can be a handful as puppies if not properly trained.  Goldens will be puppies until they are about two years old.  Some studies indicate that English Cream Goldens sometimes don't reach full maturity until around three years of age.  If you care for your puppy properly, with love, discipline and exercise, you will have a forever friend!!